Aclas LS2NX Digital Label Scale

Aclas LS2NX Digital None Pole Label Scale

Originated insect-proof loop design (patented) in the world, which is able to prevent the machine from damaging insects, especially suitable for seafood department.

Innovation removable and renewable hot keypad (patented, 112*2 keys) design makes it easy to be replaced even if it is soaked. And PLU keys make it easy and quick to be operated, you don’t need to memorize and input the serial commodity numbers, lest long queue in the shop. In addition, the hotkeys can be edited via PC software at any time to meet your needs and printed out immediately.

With modularization printer design so that it can be replaced easily and quickly locally, the professional maintenance person is no needed. (e.g. Picture 1,2)

Each PLU barcode format and pricing unit can be selected in the scale, flexibly and easily to be used.

The wireless WIFI scale (LS2XXW) is able to transmit data via wireless network, which is suitable for increasing scales temporarily when carry out promotion.

Capable of printing batch serial barcode to carry out batch management of fresh commodity purchasing and the fresh status, this makes it possible to auto-set scheduling decrease price according to the fresh status when changing the price label, so as to avoid rotten once some of the commodity is neglected.

World originated design based on the idea of POS network management. Exclusive offering PLU manage software, network manage software, label editing software, and 18-code barcode function, which brings fresh foods department to computer management, thus to solve the tough problem that long term exist in fresh commodity management.

LS2X Label scale is the first Barcode Label Scale compatible with label graphic edit software, which is able to adjust label dimension arrange from 15*30mm to 60*109mm that greatly cut down the label paper cost

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