with World-Class Technology

Since 2004, SLF Technology has provided countless businesses with cutting edge Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) system, part of it being Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products. In year 2013, we took a step forward to become a private limited company to serve you better, we are now SLF Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Do not be alarmed by these smart-sounding terms – in simpler words, SLF Technology specialises in facilitating your business with the right data capturing (such as barcode) hardware and pioneering point of sales (POS) peripherals.

Quality hardware is vital, but a compatible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) so ware is even more important to ensure maximum productivity. We listen to you, we research for you, and we know just what you need – our active collaboration with well-known brands in AIDC industry like Motorola (Symbol), Honeywell (Metrologic), Toshiba, trusted house brand Optimuz, and many others enables us to customize for you the proper business solution.

“Very dedicated.” “Reliable.” “They really do listen.”


These are some of the feedbacks from our customers, and we are proud.

Data collection on and management are inevitable in any organization, be it small or large. While some struggle at it, we smile at it because we know every twist and turn in the industry.

It is our great pleasure when you smile at it, too, with our help.

Corporate Responsibility

As the old Chinese saying goes – progress is like sailing a boat, move forward or fall behind. We place not our faith in present and past successes, we are determined to move forward constantly by enhancing ourselves to bring you be er service and support. We demand every department in our company to regularly augment their performance in compliance with latest legislated standards.

Besides, we cannot and do not allow precarious technology to undermine your business. With us, innova on is always under strict supervision combined with professional quality control to ensure customer sa sfac on.

Mission and Vision


We aim above the marks to hit the marks – we envision ourselves to be every corporate’s first choice when AIDC is involved. Far-fetched as it may sound, but we are steadfastly guided by our principles:

Listen attentively

Research relentlessly

Develop continuously

Work professionally