Argox AS8120 CCD Barcode Scanner

Argox AS8120 CCD Scanner – USB

The Argox scan 8120 scanner offers excellent scanning performance at an attractive, entry-level price. The AS-8120 reads from contact to 150mm from the barcode and provides accurate decoding in seconds. This scanner features ultra-low power consumption and an all-in-one universal host interface.

● Light Weight, Ergonomic Design
● General Purpose reader – a single device covering the broadest range of application
● Durable – without any moving parts to wear out
● 100 scans per second and working range from contact to 150mm on medium density barcodes
● Excellent Scanning Performance starting at 0.1mm (4 mil)
● Readable Under Sun Light
● Reliability
(1) Trigger: 1,000,000 times
(2) Cable: 320,000 times (90°)
(3) Drop: 1.5 meter

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