Honeywell 1400g 2D Imaging Barcode Scanner

Voyager 1400g Upgradeable Area-Imaging Scanner

Honeywell’s Voyager® 1400g is the ultimate 2D barcode scanner. This linear imager is capable of reading even poor quality and mobile 2D barcodes. 2D barcode scanners are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries for a number of reasons. Enterprises have a growing need to capture large amounts of data, despite space constraints, while others are being required to read 2D barcodes due to government regulations or supplier mandates. An even larger group of enterprises simply have the desire to leverage emerging trends that require linear imagers with advanced area-imaging technology, without needing to purchase additional scanning hardware. The 1400g’s features go above and beyond in meeting 2D scanning needs.

Linear/Area-Imaging barcode scanner
Omindirectional reading of all linear barcode and most widely used 2D barcodes
Remote MasterMind™ Ready
Designed to withstand 30 1.5m(5″) drops to concrete
IP42 environment sealing

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