Gemalto AT9000 MK2 Full-page Passport and Document Scanner

Ability to read and process images from passports, ID cards, visas and all other types of documents quickly, easily and accurately
Hoodless operation, reflection removal, enhanced color fidelity, USB only power
Support for ICAO-compliant and non-compliant travel documents
Reliable, static parts and dust-sealed optics rated to IP50 for harsh environments
Ergonomically designed full-page reader for identification and full authentication. Removable hood enables hoodless operation.

An accurate, easy to use, ID document reader which Reads and authenticates multiple document types quickly, easily and accurately. Reads and authenticates multiple document types including Passports, ePassports, ID cards, visas and driver’s licenses, 1D and 2D barcodes from printed documents and mobile phones. Maximum flexibility in systems integration: Software development kit provides easy migration to new reader; includes demos, code samples and utilities. Easy operation and maintenance: One-step scanning with automatic document detection and “Active video” document detection which reads in virtually any orientation or angle.

Standard features: 162 (w) x 190 (d) x 157 (h) mm; visible, infrared and ultraviolet imaging using LED technology; USB 2.0 connectivity with 2-port USB hub; IP50 rating for dust ingress protection in optical chamber; reads 2D barcodes from cell phones

Standard SDK: ICAO MRZ OCR; non-ICAO MRZ; 1D barcode; 2D (Aztec, DataMatrix, PDF417, QR Code) barcodes; ePassport support for basic access control; Active Authentication

NON-RFID Version. Contact Seller for additional options

SOFTWARE SOLD SEPARATELY. WizzForms & VeriScan available. Contact Seller for more info!

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