Honeywell MK7120 Orbit Scanner -USB

Honeywell Metrologic MK7120 Orbit

MK7120 ORBIT is small in size, but BIG in performance. MS7120 ORBIT is Metrologic’s first Point-of Sale barcode scanner to utilize holographic technology to precisely focus the scanner’s laser and therefore increase performance and efficiency. MS7120 ORBIT is perfect for retail applications where counter space is at a premium and its unique contoured design allows it to be picked up to scan large, bulky items.

Honeywell Metrologic MK7120 Orbit Features & Benefits
Fully automatic scan operation
PowerLink, user-replaceable cables and MetroSet?and MetroSelect?configuration
20 scan line omnidirectional pattern: Provides aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand presentation applications
Single Line Option: With the push of a button, switch to a targeted scan ideal for menu scanning
Adjustable scan head: Ability to tilt scanner 30?for targeted scanning or larger products
EAS: Deactivate an EAS tag and decode a bar code in a single scan
7 beeper tones
Bits ‘n’ Pieces?data editing
Decodes RSS-14, RSS Limited and RSS Expanded bar codes
Mountable to a wall or under checkwriting stands
Customize the depth-of-field for tight scanning environments
Custom edit the bar code data to meet the requirements of the application
OPOS and JPOS system compatible
Warranty: One Year Factory Warranty

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