Sato GL408E Barcode Printer

Sato GL408e – Sato GL412e

Automatic printhead detection system: Sato GL labelprinters (Sato GL408e, Sato GL412e)
The GL4xxe (Sato GL408e – Sato GL412e) provides the most affordable printing solution at the ideal cost-value combination for low- to medium-duty manufacturing, supply-chain and retail barcode and RFID applications: an industry-leading printer management utility, SATOnet Connect™; communication flexibility with RS232C serial, IEEE1284 high-speed parallel and USB 2.0 as standard interfaces and 802.11g Wireless LAN and LAN as options; an “automatic detection system” to conveniently switch between 203 dpi (Sato GL408e) and 305dpi (Sato GL412e) print resolution; an Online Data Verifier, which guarantees barcode scannability.

Specs Sato GL408e-GL412e

Print method: Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer
Resolution: 203 dpi (GL408e) / 300 dpi (GL412e)
Speed: Max 254mm per second
Max. print area: 104mm W x 2514mm L
Medium size:Min. 22mm W x 6mm L
Max. 128mm W x 2500mm L
Ribbon: max 110mm W x 450m L
Options: Cutter and Dispenser (peel off / internally rewind of backing paper) (*)
(*) the dispenser option requires a taller base

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