13.56mhz RFID ISO14443A Rewritable Copy Clone Card (10pcs)

This card works the same as the normal IC cards, for MF1 1K S50 standard. Only the Sector 0 Block Zero could be programmed to any UID you want. Usually we use NFC ACS reader-writer with software to write UID. Libnfc. M1 fear Card Recovery. Proxmark 3 support. Usually Mobile phone NFC (MCT)do not support directly write UID.

Frequency:13.56 MHz
Function: All block sector writable.
Capacity:1k bytes EEPROM memory
Rewrite Times:100,000 times
Read Distance:0 ~ 10 cm(depends on the R/W device)
Material: PVC
Dimensions:85 X 54 X 0.9 mm

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