Digital Persona Biometric reader fingerprint – URU4000B

The U.R.U 4000B is a USB fingerprint sensor designed for use with Digital Persona?s
U.R.U applications and developer tools.The user simply places his/her finger on the
glowing sensor window, and the device quickly and automatically captures the
fingerprint image. Onboard electronics calibrate the device and encrypt the image data
before sending it over the USB interface.The U.R.U 4000B Sensor and Digital Persona
recognition software have an unmatched ability to recognize even the most difficult

Small form factor
Excellent image quality
Encrypted image data
Latent print rejection
Counterfeit image rejection
Rotation invariant
Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprints
Challenge response link
Compatible with all U.are.U applications
Drivers support Windows 98, Me,NT 4.0, 2000, XP

Supply Voltage – 5.0V +/- .25V supplied by USB
Supply Current ? scanning – 170 mA (typ.)
Supply Current ? idle mode – 120 mA (typ.)
Supply Current ? suspend mode – 2 mA (max.)
ESD Susceptibility – >15 KV
Temperature, Operating – 5 – 35 centigrade
Humidity, Operating – 20% – 80% non-condensing
Temperature, Storage – -10° – 60° C
Humidity, Storage – 20% – 90% non-condensing
Image data – 8-bit grayscale

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