Hot stamping Machine For PVC Card

Hot stamping machine

Hot stamping machine is major used for printing or hot stamping your own design, logo, pattern or texts on paper, leather, plastic, cloth, PVC cards, etc, with excellent hot foil stamping effect. A necessary equipment at the end of the process of producing hot foil items. Can be used with many different color foils, including silver, gold, black, yellow, green and many more. The machine can be operated with minimal technical knowledge. This machine comes with all the necessary accessories to hot foil stamp, also include the manual and instruction booklet with pictures and details description of usage.

Machine Parameters:
1. Hot stamping area: 60 x 90 mm
2. Worktable area: 105 x 150 mm
3. Operate way: Manus
4. Height adjustment: 0 – 30 mm
5. Hot stamping width: 50mm
6. Power: 110 V / 220 V / 240 V
7. Teat wattage: 300 W
8. Temperature adjustment: 0-200oC
9. Weight: 8.2 Kg
10. Gross Weight: 9.2 Kg
11. Dimension: 260 x 160 x 340 mm
12. Dimension with package: 340 x 230 x 360 mm

1. Front loading foil system – for easy set up. 300 watt flat heating element – for efficient heating.
2. Pressure control limiter – for precise printing.
3. Horizontal sliding table – for convenient working.
4. Integral lay gauges – for accurate product placement.
5. Micro adjustable auto foil feed. 60x90mm print head.

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